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Adventure 53 - Mansa's Muse (1 / 8)

Realms Beyond's Adventure 53: Mansa's Muse is another in the line of Muse games ... games were a leader that has always desired something is given that thing. Others have been Adventure 19: Mao's Muse where Mao's dream of the future was rewarded with a gift of a Technology (my report on that game). There was also Adventure 45 - Hannibal's Muse in which Hannibal's desire for wonders is finally answered (I didn't play that game).

In this game, Mansa's love of money finally pays off and he starts the game with 5,000,000 (count those zeros) gold coins.

So ... how do I play this game. My very first thought was of that Brewster's Millions (1985) movie where a 'minor league baseball player has to waste $30m in 30 days in order to inherit $300m' staring Richard Pryor and John Candy. Others had the same thought as someone posted that concept in the game thread. Apparently, this movie has been made a number of times (1914, 1921, 1935 and 1945).

Other quotes from the game thread ...

Krill: Secondary victory: earliest use of all 5 million gold.

pindicator: I like this. I want to see someone burn through 5 million gold badly

Sareln: 500 turns and 5 million gold. That's an average burn rate of 5,000,000/500 = 10,000 GPT. But no rush buy. Not even sure that's possible... prove me wrong?

Ok, challenge accepted. As such, this game has now become two games - win at Civ and burn all of that gold.

This game actually become a vehicle for a 3rd option. After finishing the game and before commencing to write the report, I revived the BUG approval thread where I am seeking RB approval for selected elements of BUG. This report will provide supporting arguments for the 'logger' section of the mod approval request. I had always intended to log the game with BUG (yes - it is a shadow game ... again) but now my reporting objective is to illustrate that you can generate a thoughtful, insightful, funny and entertaining report using logger information that you could not (reasonable) do if logger wasn't available. Please let me know if you enjoy the elements of the report that are logger 'powered'.

Right - enough chit chat ... letís roll!