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Ruff Fun Game 0001 (1 / 11)

This is just a fun game that I will be playing between pbem games. I have called this Game 0001 ... but you have to ask yourself if I will ever get to Game 0100 let alone another 900 games after that. Anyway, here is the game set up:

And my leader ... Qin ... belay that, Kublai Khan of the Khmer. I wonder if I will get ivory to make use of that Unique Unit. And here is my start:

Remember, this is an Aggressive AI with random personalities game. Also, I've included Raging Barbs just to keep us all honest. As such, I think this game will be slightly heavy on war. I have 8 unknown rivals and, hopefully, pleaty of land to expand into. I settled in place (who wouldn't?) and popped a map from that hut ...

... and we are off ...