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Loser on Loser

The following is a short description of a (slightly) interesting bridge hand. I start by introducing the hand and then suggesting how you might want to play it.





The contract is 5C. First things first, count your losers. I count 2 in Hearts and that's it (a good start). Ok, now lets count the winners (remember I need to make 11). 2 in spades, 1 in diamonds, 2 in clubs and 5 ruffs (assuming clubs split 2-2). That is no good - its only 10. I must make an extra trick in diamonds. I can take the straight finesse in diamonds but if that loses, they can take their 2 heart tricks and I am history.


The Play

The best way to do it is to use the loser-on-loser play.

Well played for 11!

But what did I actually do at the table. This hand came up about two months after I had learnt to play bridge. Did I know what a loser-on-loser play was? Had I even heard of the expression? HA! I cashed the A, lead the Q and tried to ruff down the K. I ended down 1 when I could have made an overtrick.

About 2 hands later, the above play dawned on me. At least I can say that it always better to discover something than be shown it.