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As T-Hawk says in the intro to Adv48 "We've done scenarios where you choose your civilization, extra technologies, or extra wonders. Now you get to choose your land. You may design the 21-tile city radius of your starting location as you desire.

Well, well, well - lots of options. I bet some people go all food with the aim of getting a stupidly huge city. Production during the game would be an issue (spaceship parts would be built by turning pastures / farms into workshops) so you would miss out on lots of wonders. I decided to do something different ... I wanted a city with lots of commerce and lots of production. As such, my default tile would be ...

To work these '-1' food tiles, I would need food - lots of food ... thus, I experimented with the best food tile improvements ...

I also checked out the spaceship parts for their resource multipliers: Aluminium (provided by T-Hawk outside of the 21 tiles) and copper (put in by me). And so, my 21 tiles are:

AI Contact
Early game was workboat, workboat (pulling 7 hammers per turn) while I teched Bronze Working. At tuen 17 (size 4, 2 netted fish, 2 unpastured pigs), I could build a worker in 4 turns. Then it was mine, mine, mine with hammers into wonders.

I met Lizzie on T5, Shaka T7 and Sury T14. Lizzie did her thing and we were all Budda buddies for the whole game. The game was mine mine by the workers (followed by road road and then rail rail) while the city went build wonder, build wonder - science when no wonder available. Nearly all Great People got settled (burn 1 GS on Academy, 1 GE on Mining Inc and 3 others on Golden Ages).

Key Dates
Key dates were:

My city while building a 1 turn spaceship part ...

While I wasn't involved in any wars during my game, I did suffer a fire in one of my high rise buildings ...