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This is my Star Trek page where I get to talk all about the Star Trek episodes ideas, concepts, etc that I like. I don't have to talk about ones that I don't like (although I might, just to run it down abit).

Have you noticed that Star Trek runs certain themes? I'm sure that you have. The theme that I like is not restricted to Star Trek but they do it quite well. It involves time travel (or the like). Here are some of my fav episode:

Cause and Effect
In this episode the Enterprise blows up. The explosion is a bit model-ish (if you know what I mean) but the concept is really well executed. They have a story line that goes for about 6 or 7 minutes and run through it about 4 or 5 times to get their 42 minutes of show. The part that I like is that each time they go through it the camera angles are slightly different, or the same conversation is shown from the different ends (ie in one they show the Doctor talking Gordie and she breaks a class - later they show the same scene but from Gordie's angle and at the end you hear some breaking glass - beautifully done).
That element of this episode reminds me of 'Ground Hog Day' - another favourate of mine. There is a scene where Bill Murray comes around the corner, looks like he is about to give some money to an old-timer and then runs into the insurance salesman. The part of this scene that I like is the background. Next time you see Goundhog Day - look for the people in the background. They are always EXACTLY the same. There is the man in a blue coat and he is always in exactly the same spot, doing exactly the same thing. The continuity person on this movie should have got an Oscar.

Future Imperfect
It appears that Riker has just lost 16 years of memory.

Yesterday's Enterprice
Great episode that enabled them to being back Denice Crosby - and to create a Romulen character for her in later episodes.

Time Squared
The one with the Captain Picard from 6 hours in the future.

The one with multiple time lines (Data: "At this rate, the quadrant will be filled with Enterprices in 2.45 days" - HA!)

The Enterprise is trapped in a time loop with a romulan warbird, destruction is immanent (again)

All Good Things ...
Its amusing that the very last episode involved some interesting time travel stories.