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All Happiness is the Release of Internal Pressure

Ruff Fun Game 0001 (2 / 11)

Aggressive AI, raging barb ... I decide to play a conservative opening. I start with Hunting and Mining ... not great, but not too bad. I set my initial build to a Warrior (8, growth in 11) and my initial tech to Bronze Working (15). Four (4) turns into the game, I find my 2nd hut and get another scout (good!). Five (5) turns in and I met my first AI ...

Stinking rotten Sitting Bull (to my North) ... I guess this guy will EP me to death ... wait . wait ... its Random Personalities ... I have no idea what he will do. Egyptian so at least I don't have to worry about Totum Pole fueled archers ... just protective archers. Yuk.

Seven (7) turns in and ...

... oh, for Pete's sake. Another Protective AI - this time to my West.

My second scout finds another hut and picks up experience (promoted to Woodie II) - now my scouting through the Jungle (equator?) will go double speed. Meanwhile, after fourteen (14) turns, I meet my next AI ...

Another Protective AI!