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Game Report: Adventure 19 - Mao Muse (1/5)

This is a very interesting concept, I tip my hat to darrelljs for putting it together. Can you imagine the pitch to Sullla given that RB looks down on tinkering with the game (mods, etc) ...

D: Sullla - I have an idea for a game where we give everyone any old tech they want. Anything, no holes barred!
S: Are you nuts! That is just cheating. Not going to happen.
D: Wait ... you have to imaging it - some people will be just paralyzed trying to work out which tech to select. Do I want to build infantry straight off, the internet, future tech for the +1 happy, +1 health?
S: You cannot build infantry - need two techs, rifling and Assembly Line.
D: See - perfect! There are built in restrictions with what you can do with this scenario.
S: [hmmm - state property from the get go - a return to civ3 city spam - I MUST PLAY THIS GAME] darrelljs - ok, sounds good. Put a start file together and we will call it Adventure 19.

There were quite a few tech options that I was looking at. I would have loved to select Future Tech I and then to have picked up Future Tech II with the Oracle and Future Tech III with Liberalism. Can you image those screenshots and the looks of envy from the other AIs and RBs when they saw that! Unfortunately, Future Tech requires other techs and not just a Future Tech. In the end I went with Biology (oh please, please give me a few 5F floodplains, just a few) so that I could give this Specialist Economy a right good going over. There is currently a SG being played (Transition Economy) where they start in Specialist Economy and then transition to a cottage economy. I was planning on doing something similar ... Old World - Specialist Economy, New World - Cottage Economy. Farms everywhere in the Old World, Cottages everywhere in the New World. Lets see how I do.

Initial Phase

I played the early part of this game on 4/24, just under a month ago. This means that the first part of this write up is from memory (not good) and from screenshots (still trying to screenshot my developing Civ instead of just when I meet someone or discover a tech. It took me a good 5 minutes to work out that I had just settled in the spot my Settler was in. Great - 1 tile off two cows, one to the North that I could see and 1 to the South that only Sullla could see. You will have gathered that I am also writing this up after reading 1 or 2 other reports.

My scouting warrior went West and discovered the bread basket country that is FLOOD PLAINS. Biology fueled manna from heaven. I had to have it all. This was the aim for the first part of my campaign - get every floodplain in that critical region, don't let others get their grubby little pre-biology hands on them. Well, that meant settlers and that meant slavery. After picking up Hinduism ... why? I cannot remember ... I guess, because I usually do this? ... oh no, now I remember ... I was going that tech route because I would actually need some coin to pay for a few things and I wasn't building any cottages (capital had some after initial expansion complete) in the Old World ... Cottages were a New World only fixture. Anyway, after Hinduism, it was copper working for me. So, 2680BC (turn 33), I had a capital at size 4, 1 warrior, 1 worker, farm on the corn, mined hill and a settler under production and copper working in a turn or 2.

The question was, where to put my second city. It had to go towards the floodplain region, but where.

Yes - there you go, well towards the flood plain region. Actually too far towards that region as it overshot. The aim of that city was to act as a blocker and it would build military (and culture as required, and it did need it) throughout the game. It was my 'line in the sand' to the other AIs ... this is my territory - rack off!