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Adventure 53 - Mansa's Muse (2 / 8)

Right! Report of the Civ4 game follows ...

Ramesses II (Egypt) was to my West. He suffered quite a few short cease fire halted wars that mainly involved worker steals. In the end, it was the power of Cat supported Elephants that finished him on T141. He did vassal to Justinian I (Byzantium) late in the last war but that was a non-issue as Justinian I and I didn't share borders (blocked by Tokugawa) and, no prize for guessing this ... Tokugawa wasn't giving anyone open borders.

Hannibal (Carthage) was to my North West and he(!) declared on me on T162. Oops - he was eliminated by Cats, Elephants, Knights and Maces on T203.

Tokugawa (Japan) and Justinian I (Byzantium) were involved in a small war where they effectively traded border cities (T152 to T173).

Tokugawa (Japan) to my East declares (T183) on me and takes a city. He actually bought a pretty good stack of Cats, Elephants and Samari. Unfortunately for him, I had just finished teching Railroads so I was able to knock out a number of MachineGunners to slow his advance. Then my cannons, Knights, muskets and Cuirassier went on a romp - Tokugawa eliminated on T222.

I declared on Justinian I (Byzantium) to my North on T227 and he was eliminated on T241.

I won via domination on T235.