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Game Report: A New Hope (page 1 of 2)

An event from Deviant Minds ... you just know that it is going to be wacky. And wacky it is. Here is the link to the Game introduction. Basically, the players (me plus some AIs) are on small islands dotted around a large, barbarian infested mainland. Your job is to cull the infestation. There are also some scored elements.

I thought long and hard, and played a few shadow type games with this one. Then I hit upon the killer move (any takers for an early guess?). I settle in place and start a work boat. I also start tech towards Archery (how often have you seen that written?). I net one of the fish and start on a worker. Someone want to take a shot of where this is heading?

From there it is mine the gold and tech sailing so that I can build a galley (haaa - a galley so that you can pick off huts with a scout a la The Fox - wrong!). After sailing comes bronze working (for the whip). I whip the galley, put the excess hammers into an archer and then start a settler after the archer is finished. Tech-wize I am learning masonry (where is this going?). I then start a more normal tech route (pottery, writing, alphabet, etc).

I also build a second galley plus a scout and do start the great hut popping adventure (first hut: warrior, second hut: agriculture). But where did that settler go? To the marble, obviously - no ... Huayna grabbed that spot. Do you have any idea?