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Game Report: Epic 15 - Colonization (redux) (1/5)

This RB Epic was put on hold when the resurrecting AI anger bug was found in v3.13 of BtS. Now that v3.17 is out that addresses this issue, we can revisit this game. My attempt at the first game was not very focused and did drift a little. It would have affected by the bug as I wiped out Isabella. On the flip side, this game was fairly focused.

Firstly, I decided to pursue a religious diplomatic victory. I've played for this victory type quite a bit and I feel that I have a good handle on it. The aim is to build Apostolic Palace (AP), become Pope and spread the AP religion to every AI (this puts the diplomatic victory on the table). However, it does not come up if you have enough votes to vote yourself the winner. You can get around this by swapping out of the AP religion (note: your votes count double if you are running the AP religion). If you get your percentage of the votes above 60% while you are not in the religion the game determines that you are below the threashold and presents the AP victory option. You select it, swap into the AP religion and hence doubling your voting power and vote yourself to victory.

Sure, it is the super-cheeze victory.

Well, this game has a unique scoring system which doesn't encourage super-cheese (bonus points for everyone that votes for you). Thus I will not be applying it. However, lets see if some of the other super-cheese tools come into play.

We are on a water heavy map which limits the AI. It also introduces other economic options (The Great Lighthouse). As I am heading for the AP diplomatic victory, I decided to play the priest economy (spread your religion and rely on your shrine for income). This also plays into one of the two methods for an early Theology - Oracle or Great Priest lightbulb.

Lets see how I did starting on the next page.