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HTPC Components
Power Supply ... hardly any to choose from
I am really enjoying the PCPartsPicker website. It has a compatibility filter that you can turn on or off. It also has some other filters down the right side of the screen so that you can limit your options. These filters change depending on what part you are looking at.

For example, if I have the ML07B computer case pre-selected and I look at my options for a PSU, I get a list of 13 options. If I select 'fully modular', this 13 scrink to ...

Yep - 4 options.

And as far as I can tell, two of those are identical. I've flagged that duplication with the PCPart Picker admin ... so, maybe I only have 3 to choose from.

The other thing that PCPartsPicker does is give you a running tally of your watts usage. Add a power hungry GPU and watch the required wattage increase. My current build plan has an estimate wattage of 158W. Not very much at all.

Silverstone Strider 450W Gold (ST45SF-G)
Based on this, I've selected the Silverstone Strider 450W Gold. The sites showing the cables show round, sleeved cables ... which is exactly what I was after. There are some pictures that show ribbon cables and an Amazon question that asks about 'flat' cables. Flat or Ribbon cables are an option that you can get from silverstone tek. You can also get short round cables too.

Given that I am using a small case and I want to minimize the about of cable clutter ... the short cable option was one that I did look at very closely. As it turns out, the 24-pin cable from the 'short' pack is 350mm / 13.8" long. The 24-pin cable that comes with the PSU I am looking at is 300mm / 11.8" long. Thank you silverstone tek web site for all of your specs. Buying the 'short' cable set would give me longer cables.

How many cables will I need?

So ... only 3 power cables required. I should be able to get away with a very clean build.