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Case - 'Silverstone ML07B'

The Silverstone Milo 07 is a very nice case. Small and compact while providing some very interesting options. The internals are the same as the Silverstone Raven (RVZ01) so you can either look at a ML07B youtube vid or one of the Raven.

If you google this case and / or look at reviews, you always [always!] see this picture ...

Well - you won't see anything like that in my final build as I sleeved those colorful wires. The inside of this case will be black. Black I tell you ... except for the two Noctua 120mm fans.

I found this youtube video showing how to sleeve your front panel cables.

After reading up on different types of sleeving, I wanted to get some mdpc-x sleeving (apparently, the best sleeving you can get ... but a little pricy). However, Nils has decided to take a vacation right when I was looking for sleeving. Not a problem ... I'll cycle back to look at this the next time I am looking for some cable sleeving.

Amazon to the rescue ... some 1/8 inch / 3mm braided expandable sleeving and some 1/4 inch / 6mm sleeving.

I used the 3mm sleeving for the power and reset button cable - these cables are two 'joined' straight wires and 3mm was a good fit. For the two twisted cables (two wires twisted together), namely, the HDD and power LEDs, the 3mm was too small (due to the twist) so I stepped it up to the 6mm sleeving. Throw in some heat shrink and I got this ...

These cables remain stupidly long ... but I wasn't up to cutting them down and re-crimping the ends. I'll see what I can do re hiding the excess once I get the other parts.