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Game Report: Adv21 - The Sky Gods (page 1 of 4)

A Monarch difficulty adventure (more details are here at Realms Beyond) but with a twist. You start with 3 Stealth Bombers (following copied from the above game description link) ...

These represent the Aztec gods:
  • Camaxtli: god of hunting, war, fate, and fire
  • Huitzilopochtli: supreme god of Tenochtitlan, patron of war, fire and the sun
  • Mixcoatl: god of hunting, war, and the milky way
The Sky Gods watch over and protect the Aztec people. As such, you are free to carry out any of the air missions of the stealth bomber (rebasing, reconnaissance, air strikes, and air bombing) within your own borders at all times. There is therefore never a cost to rebase the Sky Gods or defend your own territory.

Wow, this looks interesting. I note that raging Barbs is ON, so these sky gods will come in handy. I also check the civopedia for Great People uses and find (see right). So, this will be an interesting game.

civopedia: great people