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Game Report: Adventure 17 - PETA Crusaders (1/2)

After a long break in staging games Realms Beyond is back and planning to launch a number of events. This game is billed as an Adventure (and it did live up to its name) that is based on the PETA concerns and concentrates on the liberation of certain animals ... cows, sheep, pigs, elephants, deer, horses, goats, beavers and Llamas. It doesn't say anything about cats or dogs, so I guess we can still have pets in this game.

The game is played as Ghandi, king of the Pacifists which brings with it anti-warfare concerns. Thus, Ghandi finds himself in a bind ... declaring war but the drive to 'free the animals'. More details on this game can be found here at Realms Beyond.

Gandhi Contemplates the Future ...

The game opens with Gandhi contemplating the conflict that these two aims ...

"Hmmn - what to do? Obviously, I need a religion to guide me in this process so I will settle in place, start a worker for farming the rice (do rice have feelings too?) and start research into a religion. Maybe we can become the religious capital of the world?

"What other activities should I undertake? I think I need to retire for a few weeks to contemplate this situation"

"Genghis ... brother of mine ... where are you?"

[Enter Genghis, Gandhi's younger, slightly rash brother]

"You were looking for me?"

"Yes, I need to contemplate the way forward for my people. I've given initial instructions but I would like you to manage until I return in a few weeks. Can you do that for me?"

"Certainly, Brother of my mine. Not a problem."

"Good. Just pay attention to my instructions and you should do fine. I'll be back in a few weeks."


Gandhi then retreats to a cave in the local mountains to contemplate the best way to tackle these conflicting goals ... no war, but animal liberation (by force if required). After several weeks of contemplation, he feels that he has reached a balance between these goals and that he will be able to manage the tension.

He returns to find ...