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Game Report: Wang and His Minions (page 1 of 3)

This is a great concept ... something happens in the real world and we play it out in Civ. Congrats to the person that thought this concept up ... oh, errr ... that was me [big grin]. As I said in my 'comments from the sponsor' section, I am aiming for conquest ... my minions will be my troops. I'm picturing this game as early war, keep all the early cities I take (or most of them) and then raze the later cities. I am also looking forward to seeing who the actual leaders facing me are.

For info on the game, check out the RB game description page for Warlords3.


Initial Phase

One of the early decisions is where to put my capital (Seoul). I deliberately set this up with options to see how people handle it. I am planning on my capital to generate the majority of my science so I move North, pigs, two corn and flood plains. Not to many hammers, but lots of food and grasslands. I start a worker and set the research to Bronze Working. I usually research a religion, but this is a conquest game, thus the Bronze Working.

My first two villages, gave me maps. This revealed Russia to my immediate North West but I didn't actually meet the Russian leader. Moscow looks like a killer city ... river, three ivory, cows, silk ... I still don't know who the leader is, but that is one nice city.

A couple of turns later, my neighbour turns out to be Stalin. And shortly after, I meet the Chinese leader ... Mao Zedong. I finish Bronze working, revolt to slavery and then zoom back to find my copper ...

No copper ... I thought Balanced maps put all the strategic resources within four tiles of your capital ... what a stupid map system, something must have gone wrong. My game play also went wrong as I had a worker, but nothing to do with him ... I couldn't farm the corn. He build a mine, while I teched Agriculture, then set sail for my usual religious tech. Well, actually I teched towards Buddhism which is not my usual religion, I usually try to pick up Hinduism. Why Buddhism? Well, I was playing this game while I was in South Korea for work on May 23rd. While there, I learnt that it is a national holiday on the 24th because it is Buddha's birthday. Well, when in Rome ... I will be a bit surprised if I can land this religion as this is my third tech and usually both early religions are gone by this stage of the game.

More searching and I finally find my copper ... it was on those two hidden tiles down South. However, now it is guarded by a Lion. I lose a warrior to it (yuk) but kill it with my next warrior. I also chop my first forest to speed up the settler who later heads South to claim the copper, wheat and fish ... a very nice little city site, not hammer rich, but enough hammers. I really didn't know what to build in this city (Pyongyang) as none of the possible units or buildings really appealed to me (more on that later).

I grow Seoul to size 5 (due in 3) by building another warrior (due in 3) [sooooo would be proud!] and then start on another Settler. With two corn farms and a pig pasture, Seoul can pump settlers pretty quickly. I've picked out my third city site (Wonsan) ... North near the two Gold and Rice. Does anyone have any idea what I was building in Pyongyang? Meanwhile, this happens ...

I also met Napoleon of France and Elizabeth of England, still no America so I now know 4 of the 5 leaders. My third city went North of Seoul in the jungle on the coast. It picked up two gold minable hills plus the rice. It also had 1 plains hill, 1 grassland hill and 2 plains forest hill. This city would become a major hammer producer once I had farmed all the grasslands and had enough population to work the mines.

Pyongyang caught my religion which means it got a border pop that much quicker. Still no idea what was being built in Pyongyang? Well, maybe this will help.

Yup, this city started working on Stonehenge from size 1. It was founded on turn 43 and finished Stonehenge on turn 67 ... a 24 turn build that also managed to grow the city to size 3. Not a bad investment. Meanwhile, Seoul was working on the Oracle but it had hit its happy cap so growth was turned off via the 'turn off growth button'. This is the sort of move that I make only to find this city 200 turns later still at the same size while the happy cap has increased by at least 10. The other stupid move I sometimes make is to up the specialists to get a Great Person a few turns earlier, push the city into starvation mode and then never correct it. I have had a city go from size 15 to size 3 due to this. That sort of 'derrrrr, what an idiot' move is a really good way to learn from a mistake. Annoying yes, learning experience ... oh ok.

I had definite plans for the Oracle (can you guess) but I was still 1 tech short ... mathematics. It would take me about 12 turns in total to finish mathematics (not bad) but only 1 turn on the Oracle. This wasn't according to plan so I swapped in a library and configured Seoul for maximum commerce. This was a very nervous 12 turns ... hit enter, look for "The Oracle has been built in a far away land'. Hit enter, repeat. I remember hitting enter and closing my eyes during the IBT phase over the last 2 or 3 turns. It was during this phase of the game that I finally meet the American leader ... Roosevelt. Anyway, on turn 82, I had arrived at this position ... maths in 1, Oracle in 1, Library pushed down the queue in 4. I hit enter (see insert below) ...

Can you guess what tech I selected with my Oracle build? See the next page.