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Game Report: DM Event VI: Haiku - OCC, Cultural Victory, Always War (page 1 of 4)

They claimed that you couldn't win:

You are invited to play a warlords v2.13 game as Gandhi as you battle against the odds to try and win this game. You are not teamed up with any AI ... it is all up to the player. This event opens August 1st. And there are options!

This event is not about scoring, it is about fun. As such, there are multiple saves that you can play from. They are all the same (map, AIs, xml, etc) except as noted below:

Note: I haven't uploaded the saves (yet) so you will have to see the DM thread to get the actual saves.

What does "protection for your sea based resources" mean? Well, if you select one of those games, there is a mountain range that encircles your peninsular and stops all sea vessels from approaching your coast line. It also stops your sea vessels from leaving your coast line too.

Just to get you thinking ... here is Delhi ...

Delhi Teaser