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Game Report: GOTM VIII - Germany (1/2)

Here is my report for CivFanatic's Civ IV GOTM VIII - Germany ... or as I have come to call this game ... my submission in the "Biggest Weed Move". The following is from the introduction to the game ...

Although its a somewhat tenuous link... the football (soccer!) world cup is currently being held in germany, with the home nation making it through to the semi-finals, and hoping to go one-better than last-time, and conquer the world. In this Civ4 GOTM, you get to play as germany, and again conquer the world.

The difficulty level is up to Monarch - but we have a great starting location, and adventurer-class bonuses to give a substantial boost to players who are not normally comfortable playing at this level. Scope of the Game:

Here is everyone's starting position ...


My Start

I decide to settle 1 tile to the W of where I start. This gives me fish, pigs and gold in my starting city - Berlin. I set my initial tech to fishing to hook up those fish and then decide to try a few wonders - being industrious and all that. Mysticism comes in and I start on Stonehenge. I also find that I share an island with Washington. While Stonehenge is being built, I decide to try and collect a bunch of early wonders ... pyramids, oracle, etc. In fact, why not try for the oracle sling shot to Civil Service!