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Game Report: Epic 4 - Rome v The Barbarians (1/6)

Welcome to my Epic 4 Rome v The Barbarians report. Thanks to Sirian for setting this little gem of a game up. Further details about the start, game, setup and rules can be found here at the Realms Beyond. I have included them below for completeness. There were lots of comments about what not to do (build barracks straight off) as doing any of them could lead to instant death. There were also two start files - one from 4000BC and one 12 turns in with 'help' from Sirian.

Play it out, no retirements, no matter how bleak things may appear. As the first dozen turns are the most critical, I'm giving every player the option to "borrow" the first twelve turns from my own game. You may download either the Start file (4000BC) or the Start With Help file (with a dozen turns already played for you). Unless you have survived to 1000AD on Deity before, I urge you to take the help. The first wave of barbarians will arrive in a coordinated attack from multiple directions around 3400BC and it will then get worse from there. Those who think they can "handle it anyway" are likely to be the ones eliminated before AD. Choose wisely. Take the help, get your scouting warrior home before the first attack, and maybe you'll live past 3000BC. You have to choose up front, though. If you open the Start With Help file to have a look at what I did, then you have to use that start. (If you're starting with help, you may also look at the original file, but not make any moves with it.) Or you can take your chances and start from scratch. (Feeling lucky today, punk?)

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