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Cable Management

My wife and I share a study. A coupld of years ago I got us matching desks. They currently sit in our study, back to back. So ... when she is at her desk and I am at mine, we look across at each other.

The rats nest of cables running from her laptop, my desktop, modem, wireless router, phone charger(S), various desk lamps, etc was turning into a nightmare. It was worse because our two dogs (Irish Red & White setters) left dust bunnies like you would not believe. These bunnies loved hiding in the nest of cables.

So ... tidy up cabling time! I pulled our desks apart, got some masonite, put up some 1" by 0.5" boards around the edge to provide some support to the masonite, drilled holes in the back of my desk (have to hang the board somewhere) and started to zip tie everything to the board ...

We both have some speakers that sit in the middle of our desks. I didn't really want to run cables from the grommetted (if that is a word) holes ... so I drilled tiny little access points for the cables ... remember - these desks will be pushed together and, when that happens, that wire isn't going anywhere.

Here is the final situation. Note the holes drilled in the side for the little power wires running to various items.

The only problem is that I got two power boards that didn't have enough outlets ... so my desk lamp isn't working. That will be fixed this week.