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Home Network Future

Here is the ethernet network that I am planning ...


Four (4) ethernet cables run from the coax patch board (where the cable modem will live in the future) over to a location directly below the 2nd floor cupboard (under the stairs). They then run up one of the 1st floor walls (inside, actually) and into the under-the-stairs-cupboard-hub (here after called the hub!).

Two other ethernet wires run from the hub back down to the basement, over a little and then up one of the lounge room walls ... popping out of a wall plate there.

First Floor

Not much to see here. A conduit running from the basement to the Hub and a hole in the wall (wall plate).

Second Floor

Two runs of single cables each (using white Cat6 ethernet cable along the skirting boards) to A (study desk) and B (master bedroom). The green circle here is mis-labeled. It actually goes up to the 3rd floor.

Third Floor

Again, pretty dull ... one run (single cable using white Cat6 ethernet cable along the skirting boards) to B (TV room).


The surface mount box (single) is shown below.

I am also creating my own 4x patch panel in the basement using the below and some keystone jacks. The hub will have a 24-port patch panel ... a real one.

Next up ... installing the real 24-port patch panel in the Hub (the cupboard under the stairs in the study).