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Game Report: Adventure 6 - The Cradle of Civilization (1/3)

The starting (and other) information about the game can be found here at Realsm Beyond. This is my first every Realms Beyond and I only found out yesterday that I should not have been using mods to play the game. Yes, yes - I should have read the rules. So, I guess this is a shadow report. The mods I used (BTW) were BlueMarble, CivScale and my own cobbled collection of other people's mods that don't affect the rules - they just collect and show information in a different way.

Part I - The Start.

I thought about settling in place, on the hill - mainly because the last few games I have played, I enjoyed the extra +25% defensive bonus. However, I don't expect that this will be a very war-ry game as I am expansive (big cities) and expressive (extra culture). I think that I will play for a diplomatic or cultural victory. Hmm - maybe a little bit early to start thinking about victory conditions (vc) but you cannot start too early with these two types of vcs.

With that in mind, I settle on the flood plains (unhealthy but we are at +3 health) and start a warrior. I send my scout out and about.

Tech-wize, I research Hindu - I never seem to get Budda so I don't even bother. Several turns later (about 2 turns AFTER the "Buddhism founded in a distant land" message)

So, part 1 - get an early religion to help with the relationships - complete. Now what? Well, I have met the Aztecs - hmm, my vcs aren't looking too hot - there will be a war somewhere in the future. It is not a matter of if, rather when, with Monty. So, start building that barracks and researching archery. From there it is more scouting - a total of 4 scouts out at the end of Turn 51 - and researching Bronze Working, animal husbandry and pottery. During the scouting, I meet Japan - another great nice civ to have next door - NOT. Guess this will be conquest or domination after all. I also found that I was the only one with copper! I even trapped a scout just to make sure

Here is a high level shot of the North ...

... and the South ...

It looks like I have copper and they don't. Guess axe-rush is called for. I finally start a settler (Turn 47 - 2120BC) and this is where I plan to put him ...

That will give me copper and axes. I'll research cats just to help and then go bag me some bad guys. I wonder who the fourth civ is?