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Game Report: Adv34 - The Greatest Person (page 1 of 1)

I actually played this Adventure Game (more details available here at Realms Beyond) at Epic speed as there was an initial snaffu with the speed settings. Even though I hadn't played any sets when the save was updated, I decided to still play at Epic speed because I wasn't planning on actually playing this game all the way through. Yes, more BUG testing, this time of the new strategy layer that we are putting in.

I've selected the ENGINEER version and decided to rush the Pyramids ... wrong - too boring and predictable. Instead, I decided to ...

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... for the extra early beakers and hammers. It is actually better than the fabled(!) founding capital on marble plains hill for early hammer production. I set the tech for fishing (7 turns) to get those fishing boats out and built 2 scouts while I was waiting, hoping to do a bunch of exploring and hut popping.

After fishing came in, I built 3 quick work-boats, swapping between max hammers and max food as required. I also set my tech to grab 2 of the early 3 religions, founding both Judaism (Turn 22, 3450BC) and Taoism (Turn 45, 2875BC). Only then did I turn to the worker techs (Agriculture on Turn 52, 2700BC and Animal Husbandry on Turn 62, 2450BC). While that was going on, I popped out a settler for my second city ...

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... and built my half creative trait standard wonder (ie Stonehenge) with my captial putting out 17 hammers under its max hammer configuration with Org Religion (no mines yet as I don't have the tech).

I have taken to turning my second city into a military unit pump and the mixture of flood plains (some commerce), two plains hills and cows on a plain (my, hands down, favorite tile) was an ideal spot. It also took room from Elizabeth. In a first for me, I actually built 4 archers back to back (after barracks) in this city.

My scouts met a bunch of civs (Liz, Isabella, Augustus and Mansa) and popped 9(!) huts. Don't feel I got a huge jump on the game by finding 9 huts because 5 of them were maps (yuk), 1 gold, 1 warrior, 1 experience and only 1 tech (Archery).

As I said above, the feature of BUG that I am testing is the Strategy Layer. Currently, it has two features - dot mapping and flags. Alt-F10 (or Ctrl-F10) brings up the Strat-Layer and from there you can dot map straight on the map with various city radius colors. Alt-F10 (or Ctrl-F10) again to exit from the Strat-Layer. Exiting hides all dot maps and flags at the moment. This part of BUG is still under development so this might (will) change going forward.

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Northern Dot Map

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Southern Dot Map

A few turns after dot mapping, I found copper at my capital and declared myself the winner (my third city - red dot in northern zone above - would bring in Gold for extra happiness and commerce) while my Capital was in a worker / settler spam with Prague building both types of missionaries and archers. Furthermore, Stonehenge was slowly developing Great Prophets for my 2 shrines. This game is in the bag and I decided not to play it to completion ...

Retired Turn 91, 1725BC

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