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Game Report: Adv27 - Project Beyaz Peynir (page 1 of 4)

A Prince difficult adventure (more details are here at Realms Beyond) sponsored by me that is based on a map type that I guarantee that no one has ever seen before. How can I say that? Easy! Because this map was generated by a script that I recently created. The idea was to create a map that generated a world like Larry Niven's Ring World. On the Ring World, the land mass is on the inside of the ring, facing the sun ... well, I couldn't exactly pull that off so I wrote a map script that creates a map that is a ring around the world. It is 12 tiles high ... ice, 3 open water, 4 land / water mix, 3 open water and ice again. The width depends upon the map size that you select. Further, this map has 4 regions (grass, mountains, plains, desert) and the map script enables you to control how sharp this regionaility comes through. I think I set the strength to moderate when creating this particular map.

The other parameter that you can play with is the land density (always 4 tiles, large islands, small islands). I played with both parameters until I generated a map that I liked. There are enough points where you can build cities or forts so that your boats can cross from one ocean to the other. I didn't realize that the land mass was actually 1 hugh strip ... if I had, I would have removed a few land tiles to force you to ferry your forces a little.

Regarding the selection of Mehmed, that was primarily aimed at playing a game with a leader that would be able to handle the expected distance maintenance and also providing extra health for larger cities. The opponents were random but I was fairly happy with the ones that were rolled up.

Did anyone notice the name for this adventure? Project Beyaz Peynir. Well, if you google it you will find that it is Turkish cheese. Mehmed is Ottoman which is now Turkey and, as most people realized, this game was a little cheezie ... hence the name.

I did play a shadow that was fun but a little boring trying to MM the desired results at the end of the game. The report starts over the page.