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Game Report: Adventure Ten - Legionnaire

Adventure 10 is a style of game that I have played privately up to Immortal difficulty. That said, I typically play with 1 or 2 adversaries (victims) ... and for some unknown reason it is usually Frederick that gets the short straw. The game says that ...

"You may win by any victory condition, but you must have the largest army (most Soldiers, according to the F9 Demographics) when the game ends, to claim your victory for this event. This is a Gentle Adventure, albeit probably on the upper edge of what qualifies as one. Good luck! Victors will be listed alphabetically. Vanquished, Retired, and Emperors With an Ingloriously Small Army will be fed to the lions in the Colosseum (Get your tickets now!)."

Quote from Realms Beyond: Adventure 10

The games I have played in this set up have all been conquest. The main difference is between keeping the captured cities or razing them. For this game, I will be playing a game of 'Collect the Capitals'. The game plan is easy ...

Tech: Bee-line to Iron Working (stopping to collect required food techs - agriculture for this game and wheel)
Build: Barracks, worker, settler (hopefully timing it so that it is available when Iron Working is finished)
City Placement: No skill required ... settle near the iron (include some food)

On with the Game

I settled in place and worked the 2F2C water tile - trading growth for research.

I take a break during the Iron Working research to get the farming tech (also timed to come out with my worker so he has something to do). At size 2, I build my only settler for the game.

Meanwhile, my 1 warrior has spontaniously reproduced and now I have 2. They are both off looking for our neighbours. I find Isabella (Bella) to my West in 3680BC, Bismark to my North West in 2000BC and Victoria (Vicky) location initilly unknown but actually in the South West of the map in 800BC. I finally research Iron Working in 2480BC and build my Iron city in 2360BC.

As you can see, I am teching roads so that I can hook up Rome to the Iron faucet. After this I tech hunting (for scouts to locate my targets), Archery (I prefer to have Praetorian taking cities, not defending them), animal husbandry (more food) and pottery (some gold). At this stage 1280BC, the tech rate is set to 0% - we will be ignorant killing machines and nothing more. Both cities (once the barracks are up) are on almost constant Praetorian builds. I slip in a few archers and 1 worker (I will soon have more workers than I can handle - the workers main job was building a road to the front, once that was done, they were teamed up to chop more units).

And so the bloodshed starts with the elimination of Bella in 375BC ...

Just a short tour away was Germany and the Italian football fans went nuts ...

Berlin, 50AD, 156gold
Hamburg, 225AD, 165gold
Munich, 275AD, 161gold
Cologne, 500AD, 115gold

... and the final rights (Bismark gone in 680AD) ...

You will notice in the above screenshot that I have some units sitting just outside English cities. I also have some workers scouting out their defenses and city locations - this helped me send enough battle hardened troops to the required locations. Here is a blow up of this mini-map to make it easier ...

And so the tour of England started with ...

York, 760AD, 82gold
Nottingham, 820AD, 69gold
Hastings, 820AD, 110gold
Coverntry, 840AD, 14gold
Canterbury, 960AD, 70gold

... and then finally, in 980AD, ...

Some wrap up shots ...

Total playing time 2:09